20 February 2022

Fashion Evolution Strategy Guide – Get the Best Threads With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

Fashion Evolution is a game about moving through different epochs of style. You’ll pass through gates, pick up followers and end up dressed to the nines. Sometimes with a staff that fires lasers at anyone who gets in your way.

The shape of the game is going to be pretty standard to anyone who’s picked up an auto-walker in the last year, but there are some extra layers that you might need peeled away. And that’s exactly why we’ve written this strategy guide.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just clubbed your first follower or you’re inching closer to the top of the fashion pyramid – there’s going to be something here to help you out. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Fashion Evolution.

Figure out the best gate

It’s important to make sure you’re going through the gate that’s going to get you the most years – or take away the fewest. Remember that some gates are marked in months and others in years, and that dividing by one leaves you with the same amount that you started with.

Upgrade when you can

When you’ve got some spare cash, you should spend it on upgrading your stats. Try and upgrade evenly, adding to your starting years and earning power at the same rate. Both of them are going to come in handy, and the higher they are, the better your chance to make it to the top of the stairs eventually.

Your choices don’t matter

When it comes to the actual mechanics of the game, it doesn’t matter which role you choose at the start of the run. You’re still trying to go through the right gates, pick up the characters on the path and increase your years as high as possible. It’s an aesthetic choice, so go for whatever floats your boat.

Move on the steps

You should try and avoid the gates waiting for you on the steps – they’re going to knock down your age pretty quickly, and they’re a great way to stop you from getting the best score. Keep on the move, miss the gates, reap the rewards.

Increase your cash?

At the end of each level you’re going to get the chance to watch a video to earn more cash. In the long run, it’s not really worth it. Sure, you’ll have a bit more money to spend on upgrades, but if you’re that desperate you can just watch a video to increase your stats.

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