15 January 2020

Best Fighting Game of 2020 for Android

there are many games which have been released in the year 2020 and among them the most famous and high rated game which i am going to tell you about is the Shadow Fight 3

Best Fighting Game for Android 2020

Shadow fight 3 is the best fighting game for android so far. it is released by Nekki developers and they have made shadow fight game series which is very successful with many millions download from all over the world.

Why Shadow Fight 3 is best fighting game of 2020?

well, the answer is really simple because the Shadow fight 3 have the best graphics so far in a android fighting game and the physics and animations of the game are full realistic and well polished.
best fighting game for android 2018

best fighting game for android 2018

Shadow fight 3 has complete set up in Career mode as well as side quest and dual mode. all these different games mode makes the game more intense and fun to play.
the colorful graphics and unique weapons and armors are also giving charm to the game.

There are many other fighting game like injustice 2, Real Steel WRB or Boxing games etc. but none of them give full control to player like Shadow fight 3 did. because in Shadow fight 3 play can control his fighter fully with movements as well as fighting controls while in other games like injustic there are only few moves which player can perform. so that's one of the reason why Shadow Fight 3 should be the Best Fighting Game of 2018 for Android. 

Shadow fight 3 is even though released in November 2017 but still it can compete all other fighting game on mobile platform.

Shadow Fight 3 Review

Shadow Fight 3 has the best graphics, gameplay and a great storyline. and you need skills to play the game and make progress in story mode because this is required by the developers so they have made the fights very intense and hard and to get to the top of fight, you need to get the latest equipment in game  which cost coins and gems in game.
each fight give you some reward to get better weapons and armors. there is a new feature in Shadow fight 3 which is the Shadow ability which allow the player to perform special kind of attacks to opponent.
in many cases player can get enough money to buy new weapons but still there are some unique weapons which need extra coins and gems to get and players have to purchase the gems.
if you don't want to get struck at a difficult opponent then you can use the Shadow Fight 3 MOD version.

What is Shadow Fight 3 MOD ?

Shadow fight 3 MOD is the modified version of the game which have the same game but with some little tweaks, and these tweakes include in app purchases. you can get free gems and coins in game by using shadow fight 3 mod apk + data, 
Shadow Fight  Latest MOD APK (Unlimited Money + Gems) 
if you want to use the game modified version then the link is mentioned above.

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