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Run-A-Whale Game for Android Free Download MOD APK Unlimited Money

Desi Gamer September 11, 2017
Download Run A Whale free for Android from direct link. this is the modded version of run a whale game which have unlimited in-game money.

Run A Whale Review

Are you ready to dive into the world of Run-A-Whale? So ride your whale in an endless adventure! Tap to dive and release to jump, avoid obstacles, collect coins and try to go as far as you can. Control your whale in 3 different styles: swim, slide and fly. Progress through 90 goals and face different bosses in epic battles!


-60 fps physic based gameplay.
-One touch control, easy to learn, difficult to master.
-Beautiful "low poly" graphics.
-Procedurally generated obstacles and level.
-Day & night cycle and weather effects.
-90 handcrafted goals.
-5 epic mini bosses.
-20 different hats to unlock.
-No In app purchase.

Download the Run A whale for free from below link


Android Expert September 09, 2017
The notorious Blue whale Game which is getting popularity because of the news that many teenagers have committed suicide after playing this game.

Blue Whale game really suicidal ?

Media have been reporting that this blue whale game is made by some russians and many casses of suicides are reported which state that this blue whale game have some kinda of different tasks which the players have to full fill in order to go to next level. There’s are 50 tasks in blue whale game and with completion of each task, the difficulty will increase and these tasks include doing weird things including making blade cuts on arms to final task which tells the players to commit suicide. Even though this game seems dangerous but there is no proper proof that is it really the blue whale game which is cause of suicide of many teenagers? 

Blue whale game Download for Android 

After these rumours about blue whale game many peoples are curious and want to play game to see how it can be so dangerous but the oroginal blue whale game is not available in Play Store or App store but you can download it’s APK and play the game from Our website. 


If you want to download the Blue Whale game you can Download it from below

Features of Blue Whale Game:

  1. It will ask you about your personal information and have access to your contacts and network 
  2. You have to complete different tasks and then you have to take a photo of each task you complete and send it to the game.
  3. After each task you’ll get some kind of reward which encourages you to complete remaining tasks and so on.
  4. Some people are also saying that the developers who have all photos of different and weird tasks that users have completed and also they can have access to your information so they’ll black mail you to complete tasks in some manner 

My Thoughts on Blue Whale Game

Blue whale game may be suicidal but it can also be a publicity stunt which makes the public curious and they will tend to game so the developers can get more benefits by getting popularity by spreading these rumors but there are so many news on internet and even on television news that makes some sense that why would news channels are covering this so there shoulgd be some kind of truth in it so anyone who is willing to play blue whale game should take precautions first because who knows what happens.

Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Game for Android Download - Unlimited Money MOD

Android Expert September 08, 2017
If you want to become a swat officer and you don't know how then you come to the right place..!
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot MOD APK is made for best FPS shooting game with stunning 3D graphics and with the MOD version of counter terrorist sniper you can have a lot of coins and no ads in the game to play as a swat officer to enjoy real life 3D graphics right on your Android screen.

Counter Terrorist Sniper APK + MOD Features

Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot is the BEST FPS shooting game on Android . In this war, terrorists lurk in a war-torn city. The brave commando has accepted the difficult mission of going to the city to destroy the terrorists. This mission is very challenging, in the battlefield in the face of brutal enemies, to protect themselves and destroy the enemy.

This is based on the modern shooting game commando mission, through a series of missions to complete the final war. The goal of each game mission is to fight against terrorists, kill every enemy, and survive in the mission.

To attack in silence and the most deadly way to combat the terrorist attacks against terrorists. Eliminate the next goal in the mission.

As an elite commando member, the government has provided you with advanced weapons and equipment. Terrorists are planning terrorist attacks. You are assigned to a special counterterrorism mission by the counterterrorism agency. Through your superb fighting skills, kill the terrorists, and save innocent civilians.

This action shooter has a variety of challenging missions and a variety of interesting features. These features make this action shooting game quite unique, fun and addictive.

In this war, your duty is to fight, shoot, kill, complete the mission. In this war game, prove your shooting skills, fight against the enemy. Accept the mission, now download this exciting action shooting game.

Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Features:
- HD 3D graphics
- Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment
- Simple and smooth operation
- a large number of advanced powerful weapons
- Radar vision positioning the enemy's position
- Challenges of increasing levels of difficulty
- Best quality attractive sound effects
- Play anytime, anywhere

Counter Terrorist Sniper APK + MOD

Counter Terrorist Sniper APK + MOD

Counter Terrorist Sniper APK + MOD
||Game: Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot ||
||Version: 1.2 ||
||MOD: Coins + No Ads ||

Darkness Reborn v1.5.4 MOD APK (Immortality + Attack) FOR ANDROID

Android Expert September 02, 2017

Darkness Reborn APK DOWNLOAD

Darkness reborn is a new PvP action fighting game with beautiful and stunning graphics and you can get MOD APK for it from our website with direct download link from below.

About Darkness Reborn Features:

Shatter the darkness!

A world swallowed by chaos and pandemonium. A knight cursed by a dragon’s evil. Become a warrior and face the wrath of the Cursed Knight.

Journey into the darkness, band together with friends, and conquer the Rift Bosses.

Create the ultimate warrior, dominate dynamic PvP battles, and compete against other guilds.

• Defeat other players in live 3 v 3 combat and climb the ranks
• Team up with friends and raid the World Boss in parties of up to 6
• Delve into dungeons together with your allies
• Customize your hero with thousands of items
• Challenge yourself with hundreds of achievements
• Instantly boost your power and speed with RAGE!

Discover the sequel of one of GAMEVIL’s critically acclaimed MORPG.

*Darkness Reborn can read contact information on your mobile device for adding in-game friends. Your information will be used only for adding in-game friends. All information will be encrypted and remain private

||Game: Darkness Reborn MOD ||
||Version: 1.54 ||
||Internet: Required ||
||Root: Not needed ||
||MOD: Unlimited Coins + attack power + immortality ||

Darknessreborn MOD APK


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