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Demon Warrior MOD APK For Unlimited Money On Android Download

Android Expert July 29, 2016

Demon Warrior 1.2 Hack MOD APK

||Game: Demon Warrior MOD ||
||Version: 1.2 || 
||Internet: Not required ||
||Android: 4.0 + ||
||MOD: Unlimited Money ||

Download the demon warrior latest mod apk from below button.


You are light of darkness. The return of the shadow hero to defeat the Dark Dragon.
Demon Warrior is free epic action RPG. In Demon Warrior, you are the legendary hero to save the world from the devils and revenge for his kingdom. Collect powerful weapon, craft armor with jewel, use ultimate skills, embark on legendary quests to defeat more diablo. Join chaos battle to become a ninja shadow with sword and anger to kill league of diablo in the hell. True dark action begins.

Features of Demon Warrior:
- Exciting hack & slash action RPG can be played offline.
- Side scrolling action for easy control hardcore and ragdoll physics.
- Awesome dark graphics for shadow characters and great gameplay with lots of hack n slash and dungeon crawling.
- A lot of weapon with samurai sword, ninja blade, staff, hammer, bow… and many epic armor to collect and craft.
- Over 100 stage, fight with a lot of monsters and league of devils in battle.
- Each weapon has a unique ultimate skill. Collect as many weapons as possible to see all the cool moves and defeat bosses.
Become the ultimate eternity warrior in Demon Warrior, overcome dead to revenge the Dark Dragon. Born to fight, fight or die, kill like a knight of heaven. Let become a shadow legend of the dungeon.
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She Wants Me Dead MOD APK Unlimited Lifes and Unlocked Download For Android

Android Expert July 23, 2016

She Wants Me Dead 1.3 MOD APK 

||Game: She Wants Me Dead MOD ||
||Version: 1.3 ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||Android: 4.0 ||
||Tested: Yes ||
||MOD: Unlimited Lifes + Unlocked ||

Download the MOD APK for she wants me dead from below button and install it in your android and enjoy the game.

About The Game:

Max is in trouble. He pissed off his cat Lula and now she’s out to get him. And Lula is far from sweet. She is vicious, cold and unforgiving. More dangerous than Lula are her traps – deadly and brutal killing contraptions with Max’s name written all over them.
SHE WANTS ME DEAD is a side-scrolling platform game, released along megastars CAZZETTE’s new hit single with the same name.
Your job is to help poor Max, whose only hope is to get through Lula’s deadly gauntlets in one piece. This might sound easy, if it weren’t for the fact that Lula really, really wants Max dead. But there is help.
CAZZETTE’S NEW HIT SONG plays a major role in the game. Lula’s traps and other things in the environment move in rhythm with the music. Are you groovy enough to help Max find safe passage? Or are you as stiff as the corpse he’ll be when the traps hit?
- Crazy hard platform levels
- Deadly traps
- Gold frame achievements
- A bunch of silly cat pictures
- Awesome clothes and accessories


Suicide Squad: Special Ops Android Game MOD APK Unlimited Ammo + Skills Download

Android Expert July 21, 2016

Suicide Squad: Special Ops 4.0 Hack MOD APK

||Game: Suicide Squad Special Ops MOD ||
||Version: 4.0 ||
||Internet: Not Required ||
||MOD: Unlimited ammo + skills + all heroes + No reload ||


Download suicide squad special ops mod apk and obb data from below links and place obb in your android/obb/here directory and then install the mod apk and enjoy the game.

Suicide squad special ops features:

Join the Squad! In this official Suicide Squad film game, you have been selected to lead a special task force comprised of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. Your mission to locate the special forces recon team trapped in Midway City quickly turns into a mission of survival. It is up to you and your Squad of antiheroes to defeat the horde of enemies that try to stop you. Fight as Harley Quinn with her signature baseball bat, or as Deadshot with his rifle or as Diablo with fire. Can you complete the mission? Are you Squad enough? 
First person shooter action optimized for mobile play. 
Survive as long as you can against increasingly challenging enemies.
Master Harley’s, Deadshot’s and Diablo’s weapons and special abilities. 
Explore the city to locate health packs, ammo and upgrades in order to survive against your enemies. 
Compete against other players in a daily, weekly and all-time leader board. 
Record HD footage while playing and share it on social media.


Suicide Squad: Special Ops Android Game MOD APK Unlimited Ammo + Skills Download

Suicide Squad: Special Ops Android Game MOD APK Unlimited Ammo + Skills Download


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