29 November 2018

Asphalt Nitro Best Car Racing Game for Android in small size


If you are looking for a good racing game for your Average Android and wants to enjoy the car racing game best experience on your mobile than you are lucky because recently Gameloft launched a new game which is very similar to Asphalt 8 or you can say that brother of asphalt 8 and that game is Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is the best car racing game with great physics in just size of 25 MB.
Asphalt nitro is similar to Asphalt 8 you can play career mode and also in multiplayer mode and also there are so many new tracks which have ramps and curved ramps to perform barrel rolls and flat spins just like asphalt 8.
Asphalted nitro has licensed cars including Lamborghini And Ferrari etc. And many more will be coming soon.
You can upgrade and customize you cars in game just like asphalt 8 but there are not many cars yet each class have 3 to 4 cars now but there will be more cars with new updates.
There are 5 different classes of cars in asphalt nitro which are A B C D and S class and each class has unique cars and S is the one with super sports cars.
Asphalt nitro has many types of game play mode you can play knockdown, elimination, infected, and drift racing in this single game.
Multiplayer support is also available so you can compete with other players online in Asphalt Nitro.
Asphalt 8 has size of 1.5 GB while asphalt nitro has only 25 MB. The difference between these two is graphics quality. Asphalt 8 has high quality next generation graphics and high detail quality while asphalt nitro has simple and decent visuals and graphics which are lite in size that's why game can be played smoothly on any average Android device.

Asphalt Nitro Mod version

There are many modded apks and Hacks available on internet which hacks the game values and modify them and you can get all cars and upgrades in game for free because of unlimited money hack of the Game.
Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 8 both have money and tokens system to buy new cars and upgrade and customize option which means you need a lot of money to do that. So i guess a Mod version is better For Playing Asphalt Nitro if you don't have patience.
If you want to get a mod apk which have unlimited money and tokens for asphalt nitro latest update 1.0.0e then you can download that from this link.