15 January 2020

Why do people hate Minecraft?

Minecraft Review

Minecraft is one of the most popular game on internet and especially on YouTube. But many users and gamers hate this game and they don't wanna see videos of Minecraft everywhere on YouTube. so here are some main reason for why people hate Minecraft.

why people hate minecraft

Top 5 Reasons for Which People Hate Minecraft Game

  • It's not really a Game

Generally games have a story or mission or target to achieve but in the Minecraft there is no such type of thing. What you have to do is Do whatever you want to. You have a Unlimited world to do whatever you want to do. May be this seems cool at start but after some time when you do what you can do you'll ask what's next? You don't have mission like GTA or COD. That's the first reason why people don't like it.

  • Blocks Everywhere
It's 2015 and a lot of stuff changes in technology. In 90s we play games with low graphics and games like blocks maker. It was fun then to make blocks in video games. If you remember that video game which had games in alphabetical order and they were black and white at that time. So with advancement in graphics people wants to see HD and clear or realistic graphics like in GTA V. But what we see in Minecraft is blocks and blocks everywhere. Everything is made up of blocks. Which i don't think so that it's cool. If this game comes in 90s then it would be a good game.

  • Time wasting

It's a big time waste for users because unlike other missionary games it needs a lot of time to build houses and making other stuff.
Famous by mistake
There are two types of games one which are really good and people likes them and the other which people hate . so both types of games got attention by both hater and liker. I think this is the matter with Minecraft too. Because people don't like it and they are telling other that how bad it is and those people also play it and they'll discuss with other. Similarly chain will go longer and longer. YouTube is the one who is making this famous. And main reason behind this games fame is YouTube commentators who played it in a funny and interesting way which amuse people and that's making it more popular.

  • No Action and Guns

There are no FPS. And also no guns and shooting in the game so it will become boring for people who likes action and fighting game like COD. In this only a stick or sword is carried by the character and he hit everything with it. Even trees and rocks and whatever is there.