15 January 2020

Top 3 Reasons Why YouTube Channel got terminated - How not to get terminated on Youtube

youtube channel termination

YouTube Channel Termination

It is a very common question for some YouTube users that why my YouTube account is terminated? 
well, there are many reasons for this happening so start with basics. YouTube has its own policies for users who uploads videos on YouTube. and if someone try to ignore these policies or break any rules then this situation will occur.
there are mainly three reason behind terminating of YouTube account
  1. Due to copyright strikes
  2. Due to community guidelines strike
  3. Due to blocking of video worldwide by content ID
Copyright strikes
copyright strikes happens when your video is not originally yours which mean you are not using your own content and trying to steal someone else works like graphics, music and photos etc. YouTube doesn't allow this type of video in which you are using someone else contents. when the copyright owner come to know about your video then he can report your video for copying his work and YouTube will remove that video and send you a notification about copyright strikes. if you don't think that your content is someone's else property then you can submit an appeal and YouTube will review your appeal and may reject or accept. there are three strikes limits for every user.. if you receive first copyright strike then you'll will not some of features of your channel and this strike will be over after six months and if you got another strike within six month, then your account will be temporarily disabled for two weeks or may be more. and if you get third strike then YouTube will terminate your account.
Community guidelines strike
community guidelines strikes occur when community report or flag your videos as inappropriate or report your videos for breaking policy of YouTube then YouTube will takes notice and if they were right you'll lose your video because YouTube will delete it and you'll get community guidelines strike. it is same as copyright strikes and maximum limits is 2. if you got third strike within six month you are going to banned for forever.
Blocking your videos by content ID
if a copyright owner see that one of your video is stealing his work, he will report your video by using content ID and claims that this is his work then your video will be removed and you'll get a warning for bad standing status of your channel. and if you ignore this warning and continue stealing other's work then if within 30 days if you got in second strike your account will fall in bad standings. this strikes will over within next 30 days and if you think this is happened by mistake, you can applied for review.
by discussing all above factors it is obvious that your account would be terminated if you are not following YouTube policies. if you work honestly by creating your own and original content then you don't have any danger of losing your account so my suggestion is to you that don't copy others make your own contents.