27 February 2018


Best Arcade Game for Windows Phone 

there are many cool games on windows store but unlike android play store, windows phone store is little behind. but that doesn't mean it does not have any good games and applications. while searching for arcade games on windows store on my windows phone i came across with this awesome and entertaining arcade game called as TAP TAP NINJA

Best Arcade Game for windows phone

HOW TO PLAY Tap Tap Ninja

this game is about a ninja who slash the fruits which fall from the sky and there are three chances which mean if three fruits hit the ground, game will over. and also ninja have to avoid the bombs because if he cuts the bomb then it will explode and game will be over. it is so exciting because the sounds effects and graphics are very good in game. you have to touch the area where fruit is and ninja will jump to that area and slash it. different kinds of fruits will fall from above like coconut, water melon, oranges, mangoes etc. this all process takes place very fast so its depend on your skills that how to play good.
Tap Tap Ninja Windows Phone Game


There are five different ninja characters and you need coins to unlock them. also there are many upgrades available for your skills like accuracy and speed and critical hit chances etc. so which mean you have to cut a lot of fruits to get coins. it is so addictive because it's easy and simple and provide good entertainment in your spare hours.
Tap Tap Ninja Review

if you want to download it for free then click here