Mortal kombat is one of the best fighting game on multiple platforms. on Android Mortal Kombat X, you will experience the next generation graphics and deadliest fights with amazing game play on your Android device. Mortal Kombat is not a new name in gaming with the passage of time this series evolved to this Mortal Kombat X game with more entertainment and fun.
Mortal kombat x game apk

Mortal kombat X Characters Unlock

In mortal kombat x, you can unlock and buy new characters in game. Some characters can be bought with coins while some with souls and silver etc.
You can download this unlocked Apk for the game to play with any character you want in game.
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Features of Mortal Kombat X Apk

  • Now you can play with your whole team. build up your three players team and train and upgrade each of them to fight in a 3 v 3 deadliest brutal battles. defeat your opponents teams and earn more experience and new attacking abilities for your players.
  • collect cards for different awesome characters to play with like Johnny cage, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac and many others. also addition of new players like kung jin , kotal khan etc. are added in game.
  • play with next generations high quality graphics on your mobiles and tablets. mortal kombat x brings the best fighting action with X ray preview of attacks on opponents body which makes the game more exciting.
  • compete with other online players in multiplayer mode in fraction wars and you can increase your rank in fraction wars by playing and defeating other opponents.
  • play the game and unlock all the characters and their special abilities. winning the battle will give your reward in souls and money and gold so you can upgrades and buy special powers for your team
  • you can choose an ally to help you out in the battle and you can select your desired ally to help you in.
  • Mortal Kombat X is high graphics game and require at least 1 GB RAM and about 1.5 GB memory is required for game and the content is suitable for 17+ users because of use of blood and other violent acts like cutting and killing etc.
Mortal kombat x mod apk download for android
Mortal kombat x mod apk unlocked characters
Mortal kombat x mod apk unlimited coins

Mortal Kombat X 1.18.1 MOD APK for unlimited coins + souls + ally credits + stamina

download mortal kombat x latest mod apk 1.19 for unlimited everything to play and buy every players and also for upgrading them. download this 100% working Mortal Kombat X Mod from below download button
Mortal kombat x mod apk download
download the APK from above link and it will install the Data by itself . if you have any problem or suggestion kindly comment below.