8 December 2018

How to install any Mod APk without OBB Data on Android

What is APK?

APK is basically android application package. it is used to install and distribute the software and data to Android operating system devices. in Windows system .exe format is used similarly in Android APK format is used.

How to install APK without downloading extra obb data?

there are many play store games whose mods are created by developers. in which users have unlimited coins and money access for games character upgrade or any other stuff. many users are familiar with this process that how to install a mod APK on Android. but many new users don't know this process so here i am going to show you that how you can install any game mod without downloading extra Obb data.

Steps to install:

  • first of all download the mod (modified) apk from the source.
  • then what you have to do is install a file manager called ES File Explorer from Play store or you can download it from here.
  • after downloading that open it and go to the android folder in your SD card or if you don't have SD card then go to phone and then to Android
apk without obb

  • In android folder open obb folder.

  • apk without obb

  • In OBB folder you can see data folders for all your games and also there will be an icon of the game on each folder.

  • mod apk games without obb
    • so simply select the game whom you want to modify with Mod APK.
    • don't open that data folder just long press it and you will see options. select rename option from them and write 1 or 2 or any other value along with old name of the folder (don't overwrite the old name just write next to it)
    • after doing this save this name and you'll see that icon of that game will disappear.
    • then go to menu and uninstall the game. 
    • after uninstalling it again open the ES File Explorer and undo the name change in same game folder which you changed.
    • now after doing this install the mod APK. 
    • you'll see that game will be successfully installed and you don't have to download extra data for obb.
    this method is good for games like Asphalt 8, Six Guns, Gangster Vegas, GTA etc. because these games have data folder in GB so if you have slow internet connection and want to modify your game but don't want to download data again then this method will help you a lot.