4 October 2020



There are many games on play store and all of them looks very cool but when we download and play we see something unexpected. in most cases games are same as described in description but some are not as same. so here i am going to help you to select best car racing games for you. here  is my top 5 list of racing games.


csr racing is a drag racing game which includes beautiful and stunning High definition graphics.it has over 100 million download on play store. this games include 70 plus licensed super cars. it include in app purchase. i am putting this game at number 10 because it only include drag racing not classsic or drifting etc. anyway you should try it.

top 5 car games android


It is an awesome small size game which have cool and decent graphics. its really fun to play because of its difficult roads and have to avoid traffic. this game contains 5 different playing mode and about 28 cool cars including police car and trucks.
you can drive through deserts, snowfall, rainy and nightfall roads. it have many option for handling like tilt , button and steering etc.

top 5 racing game


This game was released in 2014 and still one of the best game on android. it includes super fast sports cars and multiple camera angel. it include different game plays like driving through traffic and races etc. it include Lamborghini and Ferrari cars and many other well known racing cars. its graphics are quiet decent.
car shows damage when they are hit by other cars also it has quiet impressive physics in controlling. 

car racing game android

2. Real Racing 3

Real racing 3 is made by ea and fire monkey and perhaps one of the best game on play store . it have stunning real graphics and real tracks for racing. its just looks like racing in real worlds. also it include all famous car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, etc. it have many play modes like career mode speed cup etc. cars can be customize in the game with vinyl and different colors of paint like metallic etc. 
it also have multiplayer mode which means you can play online with other players and with your friends. which makes this game a real fun. online events are also available for players and time limited cups are also very good way to earn different rewards,

car racing game android


This is the best game on play store till now because of its awesome realistic graphics and awesome handling and physics. this is the best game from GAMELOFT. it includes highly air jump stunts and nitro bars and some of the best tracks made for super fast racing. this game has all the cars in classes A B C D and S class which includes almost cars  from all factories. 
Asphalt 8 is on going serious of Asphalt game which started in 2000 or may be before that. Asphalt 7 was also the best game just like asphalt 8. but now asphalt 7 is not free to download while asphalt 8 is free for users . this also include in app purchase to buy coins and tokens for buying different cars and upgrading and customizing them.
this game has many mode of play which includes classic race, drifting race, infected race and elimination mode.

best car racing game 2018