1 May 2018

How to play Games without lag on Android

Play Games without lag

In recent years the gaming quality of mobile phones has improved a lot. many high graphics games which we used to play on PC are now available on our phones.so the problem is that what if these games causing lag and doesn't give you smooth experience of mobile gaming?
heavy graphics games like Asphalt 8, Need for Speed No limitsSix guns, Grand theft auto 3,4 and SA, real racing 3 etc. requires high graphics and fast system. some mobiles are good but they don't know what is the problem with their cell that game is lagging. most of the mobile gamer have this issue. their mobile phones are good but they see lagging during gaming. so the question is that How to increase or boost your mobile speed so you can play games without lag ?

Xbooster Android application
android game lag fix
X booster is an android boosting app which is available in play store. unlike many other apps like clean master etc. it does not simply talks but it does works and really is boosting app.
this application has 3 modes

Multitasking Mode

this mode is best for multitasking. if you are a multitask-er and are experiencing lag in your android then this mode is very helpful because it will boost your android memory according to multitasking schedule. 

Gaming Mode

this mode is best for gamer because it will collect information of system and free memory according to your game need so you can enjoy smooth game play of your high quality games without lag. unlike other applications which so called are called speed booster are consuming memory by themselves while x booster doesn't leave any running activity in background so memory is actually freed for games and mobile is boosted
there are many other customization option of this app to choose which is the best settings for you. you can schedule boosting time and also you can save apps from getting closed by putting them in white list

Fix Games Lag on Android

I have used this app by myself and i am assuring you that it do what it says. and it is really helpful and a real mobile speed booster. it will help you to reduce the lag when you play heavy duty games like Asphalt 8 and Need for Speed No limits.

Download this booster from below and install on your Android Phone for free.
Games lag fix for Android