25 January 2018

How to fix banned account on Asphalt 8 Android

Asphalt 8 Account Banned

if your asphalt 8 account has been banned because of some suspicious activity which include using mods and tweaks to get unlimited money and tokens in the game, then you can use this easy method to fix the Asphalt 8 banned account.
asphalt 8 banned account fix

many of you have encounter this situation while playing with a mod version of game. and your account is banned for suspicious activity or for modifying the values of games like credits and tokens etc. so game server will automatically detect this and will ban your account which mean you won't be able to play game anymore.


well, there are a couple of ways to do and i guess you have already tried some like reinstalling the game  or clearing the data or cache from settings but as well as i know it will not be solved because i have tried these ways also but didn't solve this issue so after a time taking research over internet i have found the way to fix this issue.
this is very simple and easy process and i hope it will works for you all.


  • download this lucky patcher application from here
  • install this application to your android device.
  • now go to the settings and force stop the asphalt 8.
  • then open lucky patcher and find asphalt 8
asphalt 8 banned fix

  • click on it and you'll see many option from which you have to select custom patch.
asphalt 8 fix

  • after clicking on it you'll see three option 
asphalt 8 ban fix

  • choose the third one
  • it will take one or two seconds then it will show a dialogue with two options OK and LAUNCH.
  • close the lucky patcher and run the game
you'll see that your game is again playable and ban is removed from it. but i will suggest you not to used that account of google or Facebook which is banned. instead of this make a new account or choose any other which is not banned by game loft