15 January 2020

Game Killer Apk Download Free For Android

Game Killer Apk Download Free

Download the Game Killer Full Apk for Free from iDiscuss with direct Link.
Game killer is an Android App in which you can change the game money and gold by using it.
You can make android games and applications mods with this.

Game killer is basically an Android app created for modifying the in app values like coins and money etc. in the game.
It is a huge change in the Android developments because it can save money spend on in app purchases. you can modify Big games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, Six Guns and many more games by game killer.
You can use game killer on many famous games like Shadow Fight 2, leagues of legends and many more games.

How to use Game killer Apk?

Game killer app need root access for  its working. After opening the app it will show a mark on screen
game killer apk download

then open the game which you want to modify then enter the value and modify it.
for example if you want to modify the game coins value from 100 to 100,000 then you have to write 100 in search bar of game killer and you'll see a list of value will be appear in search result then select options where you have to select data control and then select modify all values and then enter 100,000 and press OK. it will convert the coins from 100 to 1000. 
Download Game killer apk full


you need root access to use this application on your Android mobile. game killer can modify almost all android games which have coins and other digits in them. you can download the latest game killer app from below button
Game killer apk free
If you have any problem regarding installing or downloading please comment below.