15 January 2020

Easy Method to Earn Money in Asphalt 8 without hack

Asphalt 8 Money

Asphalt 8 is one of the best game in the play store. it has more than 100 million downloads and perhaps the best car racing gaming which is free to play. when you start playing this game, you'll surely become addicted to this but after playing for a while you'll realize that it is not that easy to earn money to buy cars which have high prices. So, in this post I am going to tell you how to make money in Asphalt 8 with some of the best tips about making money fast.

How to get free money in Asphalt 8

In Asphalt 8, Free money can be earned by completing the race missions in career mode, completing the mastery races for each car and also by playing multiplayer and daily events.

Above mentioned methods are mostly used by beginners to make money fast in Asphalt 8.
After playing the game for several days, you will notice that these conventional methods are not that good because you will get a very small amount of money while the upgrades and prices of cars are way too expensive in game.

Get daily bonus

If you play daily you will earn double money for the first game you play each day so this is a good way to earn some extra money daily. if you miss one day then you will not earn 100% double money instead you have to start from 30% extra money which will take 2 to 3 days for again full 100%.

Compete in daily events

Daily events are the best way to earn different awards with little effort. whenever there is a new event available, try to compete and do your best to get in good ranking because there are special prizes for top 10000 or top 25000 even in some events top 50000 players can get good rewards.

Asphalt 8 money tips and tricks for android

Focus on Tokens 

Try to earn as many tokens as you can because they are the major key for making double money. in many daily events, the price is 10 to 15 tokens for 1st position or any other position so never miss that opportunity to earn that tokens. 
when you'll get 100 tokens then you can buy a one-day double credit pack which will give you double credit of each race. so with this double money, you can play less and earn more. try to unlock beyond, airborne and heat season in the game by earning stars because these seasons give good credit for each race so with credit double pack you'll get 10 to 30 thousand for each race.

How to earn Tokens in Asphalt 8

Most of the time in the game, the player wins coins but in some cases, free tokens can be earned easily.
Best way to get tokens in Asphalt 8 is playing the daily events and Mastery levels. Because there are many races which rewards in tokens along with coins,
Asphalt 8 money trick and tips guide

Multiplayer Races

Multiplayer is a good way for easy money in Asphalt 8. Play the multiplayer game as much as you can because if you are able to get at least 3rd position, you can start your win streak. As long as you keep winning the race you'll get different prizes which include money extra nitrogen pack or tuning kit etc. also you can win pro cards.

Conclusion of Asphalt 8 Money Making

The consistency is the key to success and money farming in Asphalt 8 is not easy when the focus of the company is to force players to buy the upgrades. these are some useful tips which i used while playing Asphalt 8 Airborne.