12 February 2018


Earn Money Online 

This is the most common question on internet which is being asked. Many people wants to earn online but they don't know how to do it.

It is not impossible to earn online and also it is not necessary that you must have skills. Although silks are important but there is something more important than that which is determination
If you have determination and will to make efforts and to do work hard for it, Then you can.
how to earn money online

Some of the ways to earn online are given below

  • Blogging

  • Advertising

  • YouTube

Blogging is an easy and simple way of earning money online through Google Adsense. You have to create a blog or website and then you can start posting whatever you want to. If you are able to bring audience to your blog or site then you can easily earn handsome amount by Google adsense.

You can make money by ads and it can be done by adfly where you can create your account and get paid whenever someone visit your ads.

YouTube is the most popular website. If you think that you are good at making videos then you can make money through it. You have to create a channel and then you can monetized your videos by ads and you will get money whenever someone see ads on your videos.

Affiliate Marketing
This is just like Advertising but in a different way because it depends upon the sales of a product. You are acting as a salesman and your task is to persuade your customers to get as many sales as you want. the more product people will buy through you, the more you will earn. some important affiliates are CLICKBANK and MAXBOUNTY
These affiliates in CPA which mean Cost per Action. the more clicks.

Moral of the story is that it will take time and hard work but with determination and will power you can do it